Happy Birthday Gene Kelly (August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996)


Happy Birthday Gene Kelly (August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996)


I used to laugh so much about this.  Not once in all the movies does a woman die on screen.  

I hope that Jurassic World doesn’t break the canon.

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Happy Birthday Gene Kelly! (August 23, 1912 - February 2, 1996)

"There is a strange sort of reasoning in Hollywood that musicals are less worthy of Academy consideration than dramas. It’s a form of snobbism, the same sort that perpetuates the idea that drama is more deserving of Awards than comedy."

- Gene Kelly

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"We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s."

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I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

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women grow hair on their boobs and their butts and their legs and their arms and their stomachs and their face and really anywhere their genetics decides to have hair and it is perfectly normal what isnt normal is men who have never touched a razor trying to shame women for not looking like a hairless baby


shout this loud.

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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague.

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